You are an Inventor

I help you choose the right strategy for protecting and promoting your invention according to your objectives. We determine together what should be patented and what should remain secret.

I help you to implement this strategy by supervising the drafting of patent applications. I participate in and supervise the drafting your contracts and legal documents relating to innovation. At the same time, I'll make that all necessary measures are taken.

I assist you in negotiations for the sale or licensing of your IP. In close coordination with your lawyers, I advise you in case of litigation with a competitor or partner.

If you need a patent attorney or an attorney at law, I help you identify the most appropriate offices.

You are an Innovative Company

I help you design and implement a comprehensive strategy for protecting and enhancing your innovations and R&D, ensuring that it aligns with your business strategy and innovation roadmaps.

I support you in implementing this strategy, ensuring that actions are taken promptly and aligned with the company's strategy.

I collaborate with the CEO and Board of Directors to ensure that intellectual property and innovation enhancement are at the heart of your company's actions.

I assist you in investing in technology companies or startups and in the creation of technological joint ventures, working closely with your other advisors (lawyers, tax specialists, auditors, etc.).

You are in charge of an R&D project

I assist you in negotiating research contracts or consortia with companies or research centers.

I accompany you in discussions with public authorities (Horizon 2020, Competitiveness Clusters).

We collaborate to develop a strategy for protecting and valorizing the results of your research.

We identify the right partners to exploit your results, and I will help you in the negotiations.

I participate in and supervise the drafting of sales, licensing, or co-ownership contracts, etc.

You are in charge of IP 

We work together to establish and implement IP processes to support the company's protection and valuation strategy.

I help you build or develop your IP department regarding personnel, training, or organization.

I help you set up the right tools that will enable you to detect and maximize the value of inventions (IP Audits).

We establish a continuous process for managing your portfolio (Portfolio Review).

I assist you in creating the proper workflows between IP, R&D, and Business teams.

We establish a freedom-to-operate (FTO) study policy aligned with the stages of research and the launch of new products.